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LFP Premium Podcast Marketing Tool Box

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One of the biggest challenges I see Local First Podcast guests have is how do you now take this great piece of content, your Local First Podcast episode, and get it out to the masses.

You did it.  You rocked your interview on Local First Podcast.

You now have a perpetual marketing asset you can continue to promote and grow your business and your brand.

Using the GaryVee content strategy you now have the opportunity to grow and distribute your brand’s social media content. Using your Local First Podcast interview.

It starts with a piece of “pillar content.” Your podcast interview.

I continually post “micro-content”, that is distributed to my InstagramFacebookLinkedInQuora, and many of my other social channels.

“Micro content” is created from each episode and is used to drive awareness back to the original long-form content. Long story short, I am constantly creating and posting as much content as possible and in a way that is contextual to each platform.

Think about how it can be applied to your personal brand, your B2C product, or your B2B marketing strategy.

I’m very passionate about Local First Podcast and promoting my guest and sincerely hope LFP Martketing ToolBox brings you, your team, or your company some serious value.

Included in the Ultimate Marketing ToolBox:

  1. Show notes
  2. Two audiograms of your choosing 15-60 seconds each
  3. Two Video clips from your interview 15-60 seconds each
  4. Quotes post

Additional options:

  1. Posting to your social media platforms
  2. LFP Sponsorship
  3. GIFS


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