Ep 029 The Dark Web with Gjeret Stein

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Meet the Gate Keeper of the Dark Web Gjeret Stein

Starting in IT back in 1994, working for a Digital VAR (Value added reseller) as the Tech Support for their spin-off, WCF Internet, in Mukwanago Wisconsin.

While the internet side of the business was slow, I learned “Big Iron” computing by building, configuring and installing OpenVMS Servers for small places like St Lukes, the Chicago Stock Exchange and First Star!

Y2K was a boon for most IT companies, sadly, OpenVMS was not affected by the “bug” and  the IT budgets of companies went to fix the Microsoft Windows, so… I was out of a job.

I got my A+, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSE+Security. And went into becoming the inhouse IT Administrator for a few small Milwaukee Software Companies. Took a taste as a consultant, and started my own IT Services Company focusing on Small and Medium businesses.  Sensible Gurus LLC.  I have been running that since 2007!

The Idea for Ultra Scary LLC started as an idea for a branch of Sensible.  Bug with all the confidential data that our services come in contact with, we brought Ultra into this world as its own legal entity!

Aside from that, I am happily married for over 20 years, have three kids, two of whom are identical twins, and cut gemstones as a hobby!

My favorite takeaways from this week’s episode:

  • Everyone is at risk
  • Change your passwords
  • Don’t lose the keys to the castle
  • Once it is on the web it stays on the web

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