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Young Guns Igniting Our Future Leaders

Young Guns inspires, motivates, and encourages professionals to become the best possible versions of themselves and realize that they are capable of more than they ever dreamed.

Young Guns realizes it’s extremely difficult for our future leaders to keep up with the speed of innovation with respect to personal branding, social media, business creation, and differentiation, among many other important topics.

Young Guns speakers are all literally changing the rules of the game. Who better to ignite the leaders of tomorrow than the trendsetters at this can’t miss event?

Inspired by the fact that this nation is bursting with an entrepreneurial spirit and social media influencers, Paul M. Neuberger had a vision for a one-of-a-kind, career-changing event featuring some of the most disruptive agents of change inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

After sharing his vision with fellow entrepreneurs Andy Weins and David Belman, Young Guns was born. This project of passion quickly exploded into a life-changing experience that any aspiring innovator cannot afford to miss.


Andy Weins is a TedX speaker, Army veteran, and owner of Green Up Solutions. He’ll be one of the leading speakers at Young Guns, an event to help inspire local entrepreneurs, provide networking opportunities, and share their knowledge. As an entrepreneur himself, Andy wanted to find more opportunities to speak. And not only that, he wanted to create that for others as well and be able to share some of his knowledge he’s learned as an entrepreneur. I’ll be at the event, and I look forward to seeing you there.

Topics in this episode:

●     2:28 – Who this event is for

●     3:51 – You don’t have to be a $5 million company. You have to have the mindset.

●     4:47 – I can bitch and moan, or I can train coach and mentor

●     8:34 – Figuring out my why

●     11:00 – Lead with 3-5 actionable items

●     12:18 – What to expect from the speakers

●     22:13 Connecting with other entrepreneurs

Event details:

●     February 27, 2020

●     8:30 am – 5 pm

●     Italian Community Center

●     Website:

8:18 There’s always going to be a problem. So we have to solve said problem. Well, how? I live in how. That’s where I live. However, what happens when there are no problems to solve? There’s no what. Or, you’re solving the wrong problems because you’re off-kilter from your why. I had to get back to my why.


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