Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear? with Laura Dixon

Hey local listeners, Laura Dixon and I dive deep into dealing with anxiety, and the scared brain. Laura shares her story of how she leaves the corp world to pursue her passion for helping others.

Laura Dixon is a life & weight loss coach as well as a former CPA who helps other high achieving, ambitious women lose weight for the last time.

She has lost 50 pounds and has kept it off for years and now helps other women become naturally thin without any diet, weird trick or gimmick, but simply by helping them change their relationship with food.

One of the most common problems her clients come to her with is dealing with stress and anxiety because that often manifests in overeating in order to cope.

She helps women manage this in a new way so that they experience not only a significant reduction in the stress and anxiety but they are then also well equipped to deal with those emotions when they arise.

In addition, when she helps women lose weight, she doesn’t just teach them all of the tools but she helps them rewire their brain so that they no longer have the desire to overeat.

Now, more than ever she believes these life coaching tools are so critical to managing not only stress and anxiety but all of the uncertainty in these times, regardless of whether someone struggles with their weight.

Laura’s key take ways:

  • Dealing with severe anxiety
  • Why our brains like to be scared
  • Dealing with uncertain times and that manifests in eating, drinking, numbing out (and not working on our businesses
  • Creating value for our clients in these uncertain times
  • The purpose and goal of mindset work and life coaching – not what you think it is (i.e. it is not to be happy all of the time)
  • Why it is so easy to overeat, especially in these times

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