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Ep 028 Making Computers Behave with Toomas Mitt

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Meet Toomas Mitt,

Toomas Mitt

Owner: TBG Networks LLC

A lifelong technology cheerleader, at the age of 11, Toomas was the youngest amateur radio operator in the US.  In high school, he was one of the first students to work with the schools new IBM 360, using punch cards on panel switches to program.  Later, he went on to program for SAMI Systems, a food service marketing firm that provided reports to major producers around the country. In the 70’s, he became interested in the new microcomputer industry, working with Imsai, Altair, IBM and other  systems.

Toomas realized that these systems were more than simply hobbist toys and wrote business programs, including accounting. Inventory and business management programs for clients using the hardware and languages of the day.  Toomas wrote one of the first remote management programs which allowed him to program and maintain his client’s systems from his office.

In the early 80’s, Toomas was a founding member of Telesphere International, providing hardware and software solutions to the hospitality industry nationwide.  As VP of R&D, Toomas managed a core group of programmers and a nationwide network of installers and troubleshooters.  At its peak, Telesphere software and hardware was installed in over 500 hotels around the country.

Toomas founded TBG Networks in 2004 and provides hardware and software support to businesses, specializing in systems management and administration. Today, TBG Networks has grown to providing IT and VOIP services to over 100 businesses in southeast Wisconsin.

My favorite takeaways from this week’s episode:

  • At the age of 11, Toomas was the youngest amateur radio operator in the US
  • Working with local small businesses is a passion
  • Wife and Toomas are Childhood friends
  • More than networking computers Toomas is networking people
  • Two Big Guys

Connect with TBG Networks LLC

TBG Networks LLC

Call at 414-921-5221


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