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What Defines Roger:
I’m a people person and I want to help people navigate through the confusing world of technology. I strive for understanding when I educate people and try really hard not to talk over people’s head – which is real easy to do when it comes to technical topics.
What do I do?
With the many ways technology solves problems, I evaluate a situation and narrow down solutions specific to the needs of the person I’m working with. For instance, a customer of mine with Parkinson’s disease has different requirements from his technology than our carpet cleaner or hair stylist.

I performed on the Fox 6 Summerfest Stage when I was in High School.

Meet Amanda:

Amanda was raised in the Fox Valley area and received her bachelor’s degree in education from Wisconsin Lutheran College. After graduation, she spent a few years of living in Indiana while her husband completed his PhD at Purdue University. Amanda has resided in Milwaukee for the last 5 years. Over this time she has enjoyed being a tourist in the town and taking advantage of all that Milwaukee has to offer. She and her husband have a 4 year old boy and a 1 year old girl.

Amanda recently completed her master’s degree in Instructional Technology. In addition to working in the technology field, Amanda has previously taught every grade from kindergarten to grade twelve in a variety of settings, from rural to suburban to urban. She also taught English Language Learners. She has been employed with Tech Lab since 2013 and has helped the company add new clients and grow internally. No matter what setting Amanda is in she is driven by a strong work ethic, a desire to help people and give back, and a loyalty to family and friends.

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3 Key Points:

  1. Have your website hosted locally
  2. Do not click on that link in emails you do not recognize
  3. Consulting is key


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