Ep 30 It takes guts to be an entrepreneur w/ Sarah Bauer

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Meet Sarah Bauer

Sarah is a card processing specialist with Heartland Payment Systems.  She specializes in working with business owners that want to understand the true cost of taking electronic payments, being secure in doing so as well as working one on one to help them leverage all the data from credit cards to grow their business.

She’s a native of Minnesota, has a BA from St. Norbert College, has authored numerous papers and hosted industry specific events to help grow manufacturing commerce in SE Wisconsin.  She has further invested in eCommerce and payments security training to best help growing businesses and entrepreneurs.

Her career has evolved from Event Planning to Industrial Equipment Sales and now into Payment Processing with an underlying theme of helping others grow and giving them the resources they need to so.  Its probably no coincidence that Heartland Payment Systems’ credo is Entrepreneurs Respectfully Serving Entrepreneurs which mirror her mantra and outlook on life and career.

Her young family lives in the Milwaukee, WI area and she personally enjoys travel, HIIT training, and downhill skiing.

Sarah Bauer

Relationship Manager – Card Processing Specialist

Contact Sarah

Phone: 262-955-5865

Email: sarah.bauer@e-hps.com

My favorite takeaways from this week’s episode:

  • The 5-second rule
  • We need to bring more humor into our lives
  • You must believe in the product you are selling
  • No is a very powerful word
  • It takes guts to be an entrepreneur

Recommended Book:

The Go Giver

Ego Is the Emeny


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