Ep 39 Reinvent Yourself 1% Everyday

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 Jackson and I finally have a name for your book club.

Books Brew & Networking

We are much more than a book club. We are a group of like-minded people that life long learner, believe in building relationships and giving back to the community.

Does this sound like you? If so join us and share your story.

My favorite takeaways from this month’s book Reinvent Yourself:

  • The 1% rule – make 1% improvements in your life everyday. So easy to do
  • Habits. It’s the 5X5 rule. You are not just the average of the five people around you. You’re the average of the five habits you do, the things you eat, the ideas you have, the content you comsume, ect.
  • Page 170 How to get an MBA from Eminem

Recommended Book:

Reinvent Yourself


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