Red Light Therapy Uses, Benefits with Brooke Luciano

In this episode, I have a discussion with Brooke Luciano where she shares her story on how getting light therapy changed her life so much that she now treats others with the same treatments. Make sure to listen close you will be able to hear the passion she has in helping others with Redlight Therapy.

Brookes key take aways:

  • How I walked away from having surgery
  • We are the miracles
  • Using light to help pain
  • You can do this at home
  • Should I use light therapy?

Connect with Brooke

Let’s meet Brooke Luciano

We are simply enLIGHTened humans who are super passionate about giving back and sharing our Light with everyone we possibly can, human and animals! We are NOT Doctors, Chiropractors, or Veterinarians. We DO have incredible medical advisors we are happy to consult with for our clients’ best needs. We started out by helping our family and friends and will continue to spread the Light to increase longevity and natural healing, globally. Let us help you heal.

Light Ninja Warrior Brooke

As a youngster, I was quite active, participating in multiple sports and extra-curricular activities. After participating in four sports in high school (Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Track & Cross Country) and Basketball intramurals in college, I didn’t stop. Although I wasn’t a collegiate or career athlete, sports were my life, and my social life as well. Working out hard felt good, despite a habitual sprain or broken ankle. I was rough on my body back then, without fear of growing old or long-lasting pain. Fall, break, heal, and back at it again. Repeat. Year to year in one form or another I injured myself from said activities.

For as long as I remember, I always wanted to be a Marine Biologist. I loved to fish, mammals, and swimming in the ocean. I wanted to dive and discover new things under the sea (Little Mermaid hopeful). One of my goals and dreams came true! I applied to and went on to graduate from UCSC with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology. Passion for cellular level health began during my biochemistry days at UCSC. Could there be a way to bring the love of marine life and the excitement of cellular biology together? Perhaps I could discover a cure for Cancer in marine natural products, like sponges or kelp! How cool would that be? The need for alternative natural products with therapeutic effects was looming, and more and more side effects of day to day chemical exposures were haunting me.

My young adult years were spent living life to the fullest, traveling, adventuring, and livin’ it up! I was not the best to my body, but knew in the back of my head, that somehow I would figure it all out.

Fast forward to 2007 car accident that changed my life forever. I sustained a serious neck injury and my endocrine system went into shock. My body suffered a major blow and I was told by three different surgeons that I needed a neck surgery to reduce the pain level and attempt a “normal” life. Neck surgery?? Yeah right, not me. I purchased my first Light device (APL) in 2008 and avoided invasive neck surgery. Within one month, I weaned myself off of all prescription drugs. Within six months, I was back to running again, working out, and playing basketball. The Light helped my body heal itself. I avoided invasive surgery and got my life back, pain-free!! This opened my eyes once again to the demand for natural remedies and medicines for all to heal naturally, from what the Earth provides. I insist on using the most natural face and body topical products and limit my toxin and chemical exposure by only washing with naturally sourced ingredients. I eliminate chemicals from our diet and make a huge effort to live a non-synthetic lifestyle that will increase longevity and increase sustainable health for years to come.

I was able to maintain this pain-free lifestyle until 2017 when I was a passenger in an Uber and was broadsided by a drunk driver. Once again, 10 years later, I sustained a serious neck injury. The only way I was able to maintain sanity and keep my pain levels low during Dr. visits, Physical Therapy, (failed) injections, was to do light consistently. Light helped and continues to help me daily through chronic pain and injury. I couldn’t imagine my life without it, and I am so grateful for this science-backed technological advance in medicine. Light is indeed the Medicine of the Future.

​Will you see the Light?

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