Perfect Is Not The Goal with Allison Orlovsky

I’m excited to share my latest conversation with you that I had with Allison Orlovsky, relationship and intimacy coach and owner of For the Love of You. In our conversation, she shares her personal journey from working in finance for 20 years and the shift she made to coaching. She also gives an update of For the Love of You and details why she enjoys long-term relationship coaching and feels suited to help others create healthy priorities and relationships. To hear our earlier conversation in episode 33, click here:

Topics in this episode:

●     5:14 – The switch from her corporate career to coaching

●     7:00 – The big transition she went through the past six months

●     9:39 – How to overcome obligations

●     10:26 – What’s her “why” behind coaching?

●     14:12 – Perfect is not the goal.

●     15:19 – Creating the relationship you want to have

●     19:26 – Take a look at why you’re doing things for your partner

●     22:49 – Allison asks me: What is the thing that you are most jazzed about in 2020?

Connect with Allison:


Instagram: @forloveofyoucoaching

Facebook: For Love of You

8:40 I am not here to pass judgment. I am not here to tell you what’s right or wrong. I’m here to partner, as a coach, I’m here to partner with you. I’m here to give you, perhaps, give you some perspective. I’m here to help you get curious about what it is that you really want. 

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