Have No Regrets Life Is Too Short

Pat talks about having great mentors throughout his career now sharing what he has learned with others, also how networking influenced Pat making his decision to go from radio to become a consultant.


Pat Miller, MBA, owns and operates Small Step Solutions, a strategic consulting firm based in Wauwatosa, WI. Founded in 2018, Small Step Solutions helps business owners that are too busy to think build strategy, make tough choices and do hard things. Miller has 20+ years experience in branding, positioning and events with radio stations and digital brands – most recently WTMJ and WKTI in Milwaukee. During his career, he was an on-air host and brand manager, building stations from scratch which is an in-depth exercise in audience targeting, creative writing and brand positioning. In addition to building brands, he spent years creating strategic partnerships and unique programs for advertisers. In Milwaukee, that included the Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers, Summerfest, the Wisconsin State Fair and more. This battle-tested experience is now used to help CEOs and Business Owners solve problems and increase sales.

My favorite takeaways from this week’s episode:

  • Know when you are in operational mode or creative mode then take advantage of it
  • Asking questions to get better answers
  • Weird Al is not so weird

Connect with Pat Miller

Website – smllstp.com

Email – pat@smllstp.com

Facebook Group – www.facebook.com/groups/BrandCrafted

Upcoming event on 4/17 – https://www.smllstp.com/brand-crafted-social-club


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