Overcome The Fear Of Failure That Holds Us Back w/ Ariel Kopac

Ariel Kopac is a high endurance coach for business owners and sales professionals created Harness Your Hindrance coaching as a way to help clients break through mental barriers and increase their awareness of mental patterns, in order to see what it is that doesn’t serve them.

Ariel Kopac and I had an insightful conversation in which she shares powerful tools to overcome the fear of failure, our internal dialogue that holds us back, and one of the top five people she wants to meet that has created a positive impact on her life.

Topics in this episode:

2:40 – What inspired Ariel to be a coach

3:26 – The things that hold us back from what we know we need to do

5:27 – Ariel’s motivation to help others

7:44 – The challenge of working for yourself, especially when you’re a people person

9:51 – The definition of success, and how Ariel will know when she’s reached it

13:10 – What it takes to overcome the fear of failure. What would failure actually look like?

15:20 – Someone who has changed the world

21:01 Ariel asks me: What has been your biggest challenge with starting Local First Podcast and continuing making it thrive?

Ariel’s request for listeners: I ask my clients to ask themselves, “How is this serving me right now?” If the answer is that it’s not serving you well, figure out what you can do to let go of that. Because if it’s not serving you well, it’s holding you back.

Connect with Ariel:

Website: https://harnessyourhindrance.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arielkopac

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/harnessyourhindrance/

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3:56 Harness your hindrance, that’s my business name because it embodies my philosophy that you can’t always remove the obstacle in your mind or the external obstacle, but you can always take control and make use of whatever is holding you back.

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