Ep 023 Sharing Her Passion of Helping Mothers & Their Newborns Dr. Knapp

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Meet Dr. Nicole Knapp

Freedom. That’s what my job is about. Letting you do the things you want to do in the way you want to do them. Whether that’s
washing your classic car, playing on the floor with your grandkids, getting aggressive in a game of pickup basketball or just keeping up with life.

That word has been central to my practice – not just for my patients, but in my own career. There’s nothing worse than being unhappy with your chosen career path – but that’s where I was before starting Knapp Chiropractic.

Having found my passion again for chiropractic is freeing because I now know that when pain keeps you from your passion, it doesn’t have to be permanent, and we can help.

Key Take Aways:

  • The 7th grade plan to how she became Dr. Knapp
  • How networking impacted her business and relationships
  • Make sure you get a second option
  • Who is Gizzmo?


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Web site Knapp Chiropractic

App KnappChiro

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You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life


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