Ep 008 Nancy Olsen Legacy Moments Last Forever

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Meet Nancy,

This quote comes from my daughter, Wendy, who has observed me all her life:

“You have always been a great listener and question asker, and people have always opened up to you, your whole life.”

Her quote surprised me but I do agree with her:  I enjoy meeting new folks to listen.  Everyone has their own unique story.  Giving others the opportunity to share their story relaxes them and me as well.  (It also means that I do not have to do the talking as I can be somewhat shy in new circumstances.)

My friends, Dick and Barbara, also agree.  I interviewed them with pre-selected questions for their legacy video which allowed them to relax during the time we video recorded their legacy.

The success of their legacy videos has given me the desire to birth LEGACY MOMENTS LAST FOREVER to help others record their legacy stories for their families.  Family members really do want to know what it was like “way back when…” but can only take a peek IF those stories are recorded.

My name is Nancy Olsen.  My goal is simple, to help you record YOUR legacy!

Legacy moments WILL last forever. But only IF they are recorded!

3 Key Points:

  1. Sharing your voice and your smiles
  2. Start recording now
  3. Legacy moments will last forever

How to have your moments recorded


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