Ep 022 Automating Technology so You Can Do What You Love too Do – Melissa Blair

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Let’s meet Melissa,

Melissa is all about helping small businesses achieve efficiency and time by blending technology with marketing

Melissa Blair is a serial entrepreneur and a product of 2 entrepreneurial parents. Small business is in her DNA.

This is also why she is so passionate about helping other entrepreneurs. She knows all too well how much time, energy, and money it takes to run a small business.

As a self-proclaimed ‘marketing geek’ she has worked with a wide variety of software systems on the market that claims to be easy to use.

What she found though is that none of those tools were built for the Soloprenuer or 2-5 person companies. They were built for organizations who had a marketing staff or who could afford to hire out consultants to help them. In most cases, it still meant having to Frankenstein together numerous software tools in an effort to build a cohesive system.

Her company, Cultivating Sales, has what she has nicknamed her ‘Soloprenuer Software.’ Software that has been specifically designed to incorporate the tools that a small service-based business needs and that is easy to use and at an affordable price.

Key Take Aways:

  • Taking the risk of Starting over
  • Entrepreneurship is in her blood
  • Any business you are in is a relationship building business
  • Using systems to run your business is key


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