Ep 011 Getting Your MOJO Back with Meg Daly

Enjoy this episode

My conversation with Meg Daly is genuinely inspiring. After listening, I’m sure you will be encouraged as well as getting your MOJO back.

Meet Meg Daly and get your MOJO

How do you move from “wanting” to “being?”

For me, the journey from one state to the other is the essence of truly living. I know exactly what it’s like to wrestle with the often confusing process of “becoming.” Finding my own story amidst what I thought I “should” do or “should” be were often the predominant roadblocks in my life.  Embracing my own “story” has led me to being of service to others who feel trapped in everyone else’s agenda and blocked from breaking free into their own life story.

Professionally I’ve enjoyed 20 years of corporate leadership experience where I honed the skill of tapping into the strengths and energy of others to support them in reaching the next level of performance. I’m passionate about helping people harness their unique gifts in order to effectively create happier lives with their work teams…and home teams as well! By cultivating true self-acceptance and self-possession, my clients are able to shift powerfully from “I want_______” all the way over to “I am experiencing_______.”

I am a writer, teacher, and guide for individuals and companies desiring an energy boost out of pushing/pulling/striving and into thriving. My work is based on the simple process of turning down the negative volume in our minds and tuning into our imagination and numerous gifts. When we begin to feel the way we want to feel on a consistent basis, we find the work we are here to do occurs naturally and with ease.

5 Key Points:

  1. Tell the truth to yourself
  2. Tune into what is that you desire
  3. Tap into the power of your imagination
  4. Create the space needed in your life
  5. Connect with others, ask for support



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