Personal Changes Mark Experienced Transitioning From Broadcasting Into Owning His Own Company


Mark Concannon is a figure and local legend in Milwaukee, and I am excited to share our conversation with you in this episode. Mark has worked in the Milwaukee market for a long time, first starting as a weekend sportscaster on Channel 6, before transitioning to the Wake Up News morning show, which he did for 20 years. After his time at Channel 6, he worked for Fox Sports Wisconsin. Nine years ago, he transitioned from broadcasting to starting his own company, Concannon Communications, a video company that helps businesses of any size tell their stories.

Mark describes experiences of his early days in broadcasting, mentors he’s been able to work with along the way, and the shift he went through in owning his own business. He also shares details about his book, Mettle and Honor, Wisconsin Stories from the Battlefield.

Hot topics in this episode:

  • The personal changes he experienced, transitioning from broadcasting into owning his own company
  • The types of videos made by Concannon Communications
  • Video as a marketing platform
  • Advice Mark would give his younger self
  • Book that has guided him: Ball Four, by Jim Bouton
  • What he’s excited about for the future
  • [23:15] Mark asks me: What has been the biggest challenge for you doing this podcast?

Contact Info:

Visit: Concannon Communications

4704 N. Elkhart Ave.

Whitefish Bay, WI 53211

Phone: 414-559-9672



Book: Mettle and Honor

[2:34] I made the transition from what I did on television to my video company, and again, representing clients, by just keeping that mantra for my clients. “Hey, aren’t they great? They’re a great business. This is something that you should look into, and why you should do business with them.” The bigger challenges for me were just running a business. I mean, how does that happen? I mean, I knew about video, I knew about storytelling, I’ve been doing it all my life, but running a business, I was starting in kindergarten. Nine years later I like to tell folks I’m at about eighth grade now. I’ve learned some, I’ve still got so much to learn.


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