Ken Young is Milwaukee’s very own Don Draper

Ken Young is Milwaukee’s very own Don Draper, as the owner of Young Creative Works, helping personal brands and small businesses grow their brand through advertising.

He shares how he started drawing at school as the graphic editor of the school paper. After graduating, he was thrown into the advertising world and has spent his career building a wealth of knowledge that he now uses in his own business, which he opened in 2007.

In our conversation, he shares some of his favorite client stories, tips for social media and traditional media usage, and how to how he can best help clients.

Be sure to go to his website,, to get your creative brief and see how Ken can help your branding.

Topics in this episode:

●     1:41 – Ken’s backstory

●     5:33 – Starting his own business

●     5:52 – The coolest branding he’s ever done

●     8:36 – The mentor and help he received along the way

●     10:33 – What drives him with his business

●     12:51 – The key is diversity

●     18:19 – An example of a successful client campaign

●     27:22 Ken asks me: How did you get your start with podcasting?

Connect with Ken:

●     Website:

●     Email:

11:18 My business model is to have really strategic creative ideas that separate you from your competitors. Know your audience and engage them in a creative way.

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