Stories We Tell Ourselves That Aren’t True Pt. 2 Katherine Adamek


Life after the Olympics for Katherine Adamek was difficult, filled with injuries and setbacks. But through those hard times, she was able to take control of her life, largely through her mindset.

In part one ( she shared the journey of what it took to get to the Olympics. In this episode, she details her life after the Olympics, which included surgery and rehab, overcoming resentment and unhappiness, to now coaching and speaking on mindset and how important it is.

Hot Topics in this episode:

  • The most difficult physical and emotional time in her life
  • Post-Concussive Syndrome
  • Stories we tell ourselves that aren’t true
  • Rule of 5/95
  • Why she chose coaching
  • Breaking down your struggle into manageable pieces
  • [25:09] Katherine asks: Tell me about the first time you learned ‘embrace the suck’ and what a difference it’s made for you.
  • Vision Pursue, Katherine’s favorite resource
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[18:28] We get stuck in thinking either, ‘I’m awesome’ or ‘I suck’. And it’s like if you didn’t achieve the goal perfectly, you can’t be happy with where you’re at. And not only is that not true, but it’s impossible to live a meaningful, purposeful life when you’re constantly battling the two sides of the coin of ‘I’m awesome’ or ‘I suck’. What I like to help people do is find all the shades of grey, find all the ways they bring meaning and purpose, not only to their life, but to people around them. And find more motivation in this idea of baby steps daily, than in the idea of chasing perfect.

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Twitter: @KatAdamek

Instagram: @KatAdamek

Facebook: Katherine Reuter-Adamek


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