Change Your Circle Change Your Life – Jamar Jones

Wow! One of the best interviews of 2021 with Jamar Jones. We talk about everything from the Milwaukee Bucks, Fear, keys to success, and yes we go deep on his new book Change Your Circle Change Your Life.

Jamar’s key takeaways:

  • You can’t do it all by yourself.
  • Prioritize every day.
  •  It’s ok to leave a circle.
  • 3 ingredients of self-awareness.

A bit more about Jamar Jones:

My path has been nothing but easy. From my decision-making and the search of finding myself, I’ve had many hardships in my life that I’ve overcome. I’ve created many things from just a thought and once I put my mind to something there’s nothing that can stop me.

Anything’s possible. Looking back I’ve learned that there were elements to my success, one of the main ones was the circle I was in and how to get into other circles. I’ve applied this methodology play my personal life and in business.

Also, I am the owner of a communications agency that focuses on branding sales and marketing. I have built this company from the ground up and want to share my tactics philosophies and business growth with organizations leaders and decision-makers.

Why do I do it? Because when I needed a helping hand others were there for me and the circle that I was able to create molded the very success that I have today.

Holding in this knowledge and life experiences would be selfish.

I want to give you the keys to walk through the door to change your life and your business.

Get your copy now:

Change your Circle, Change your Life: The How To Guide to Change Anyone’s Life

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