How to Sell BIG Ticket Items with Celia Meisel

Hey local listeners, are you in sales? I think the answer is yes. Everyone is selling something to someone. Celia and I dig deep on what it takes to sell big-ticket items.

Celia’s key takeaways:

  • Fear is a source of opportunity and growth
  • Storytelling vs. Just the Facts, please
  • How has the selling process changed?
  • Strategies – Skill – Tactics

Connect with Celia:

Website: Ceila Fay Meisel


Hi! My Name is Celia Faye Meisel

It’s my mission to guide heart-centered entrepreneurs to hit their sales goals and reach for their dreams.

My clients come to me when they are:

  • Ready to stop spinning their wheels and get on track to set and accomplish all of their sales goals.
  • Betting on themselves by pursuing entrepreneurship full-time.
  • Looking for a trusted sales mentor and guide to help them level-up and feel at ease with the process.
  • Aware that it’s time to get support to get out of the income plateau and sales rut they’ve been in for years.

Meet Celia:

As a kid, I can recall the stress my mom endured when unexpected expenses came up.

She, and many others like her, didn’t know how to generate income outside of a 9-5 job. She was a smart and savvy businesswoman who was sought out by many for guidance and answers.

A University education helped her to gain confidence and climb the corporate ladder. There were always limitations around how far she could climb and the rate at which she could grow.

From a young age, I demonstrated entrepreneurial qualities and a sense of intuitiveness. My parents did what they could to give me entrepreneurial experiences.

There were parts of my personality that didn’t fit a picture of conventional living. As a result, I experienced years of emotional discomfort because I felt like I never fit in

Deep inside, I always had a sense of knowing that gave me hope to move forward and find my own unique path.

In my late-twenties I discovered that my entrepreneurial spirit was one of my gifts. For the first time in my life, I felt free.

Celia Faye Meisel is a Business Strategist & Sales Trainer. As a career entrepreneur, she has enrolled over 200 clients to work with her in a group format and 1-1.

She has supported her clients to celebrate milestones that include:

$15K in online launch profits. Going from $0-70K (cash) in one-year of business. Five-figure months in cash and sales. Making the shift from selling low-ticket single sessions to selling transformational high-ticket packages. Blasting through upper limits for group enrollment numbers. The launches of dozens of new service-based businesses. Since the pandemic, she has provided sales team support to teams generating $1.1 Million in high-ticket program sales.

Celia finds joy and meaning in developing & writing training content for her clients. She loves networking, meeting new people, and making heart-centered connections with fellow entrepreneurs.

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