Helping Chiros Fill Their Schedule Without Having To Post On Social Media Everyday

Hey, it’s Jeff Van Kampen (#JeffVKay ❤️), and I want to “officially” welcome you to my world.

About 7 years ago, I started my first online business while I was in college (selling clothes), and this little hobby I picked up quickly became my obsession.

I started selling all sorts of things online and have become what I like to call a student of marketing.

My other business ventures are where I test and try stuff out…

And my Facebook Group (Chiropractic Marketing Secrets) is where I share what I’ve learned (with my favorite group of people to work with 🙂 )

My goal is always to give away better stuff for FREE than what other people charge for…

Key take aways:

CHIROPRACTORS – I give away daily free tips and tricks that you can take a run with for your own business 👇

Don’t want to join the group? Check out the podcast instead!

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