Color The World With Your Story w/ Tony Meister

Tony Meister is the owner and founder of Chameleon Communications, LLC, a communications company that offers creative marketing with the ultimate goal of profitability.

Tony comes from a lineage of entrepreneurs including his father who ran one of the most successful Midwest advertising agencies in the 80s and 90s.

His unique background in business leadership and management, coupled with his communication background, offer a distinct advantage to any entity looking to communicate their offerings successfully in the marketplace.

Tony’s Key Take Aways :

  • Challenges businesses face when deciding to create video
  • Fact vs Story-based video
  • People – Process – Technology
  • Using your iPhone vs using a professional

After a series of career experiences, in 2014 I started Chameleon and set out to pursue what I love to do which is telling stories with video. In 2019 I decided to expand Chameleon and create a digital agency that would positively influence the world by igniting brands and fulfilling people’s dreams. Creativity was sparked when I was young watching my Dad shoot T.V. commercials with various celebrities and professional athletes.

Despite all of Dad’s experiences, it is ironic that my vision for Chameleon was really birthed out of failure. I left a successful Fortune 500 career in I.T. to help start a new venture that ultimately toppled. Much of that failure had to do with ineffective marketing.

I love this quote from Henry Ford who said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

So Chameleon’s story is born out of adversity. It is what has given me the passion to see brands catch fire and overcome the marketing challenges many face today.

I have a select team of creatives and specialists who I have either worked with in the past at other companies, or who I have known and collaborated with for years. Mostly this team consists of independents who specialize in their craft and have their own focused freelance firms.

These are people that are the best at what they do. It is the most exciting time of my life and career right now. I am able to bring the best people together to achieve extraordinary results for our clients. I count it a privilege to bring this to companies local and nationwide.

– Tony Meister (Founder & Chief Lizard)

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