Are You Asking Yourself The Right Questions In The Right Order?

I’m excited to introduce you to one of my great friends and mentor, Tony Jalan, and share our recent conversation about his three questions. 

In this episode, Tony shares what the three questions are, life lessons he’s learned from them, and why the order of them is so important. 

For the last 20 years, Tony has been a successful leader and business owner. He is a top sales leader for the past five years for a Fortune 500 company, and he uses three questions as a tool to be successful and achieve his goals. 

Topics in this episode: 

●   The three questions:

○   What are the end results?

○   Why do you want it?

○   How are you going to get it?

●   10:16 – Once you figure out the end game you’re playing for, and why you’re doing it, then the how becomes easy.

●   13:50 – Why these three questions are so important

●   18:49 – Writing down your goals 

●   23:35 – Don’t do it alone

●   25:16 – Why is the order of the questions so important?

●   28:56 – Applying these three questions to your business

●   36:10 – Tony asks me: What’s one story you’ve been telling yourself that’s been holding you back from getting to the next level? 

Tony’s offer of 2 free resources for you: Text LFP to 414-409-0087 or go to LinkedIn search for Tony Jalan and send him a message with LFP

●   An 8-step process for business owners to maximize their profits 

●   How I use these three questions to create a life that I am more excited about today than I have ever been. 

 To learn more about these resources, message Tony on LinkedIn.

15:43 When you start asking questions in the right order, you start unlocking the combination to your life. You can have all the right numbers to a combination, but if you put them in the wrong order, you’re not going to unlock it. By questioning our limitations, our greatest strengths are unveiled. 

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