Ep 35 True Grit And Grace Amberly Lago

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A heartfelt conversation with author and speaker Amberly Lago

Amberly started her speaking career after her life was deeply
altered and her world was completely changed in May 2010.
While riding her motorcycle in Woodland Hills, CA, she was hit by a SUV
and thrown thirty feet down a busy street. Her right leg took the
brunt of the impact and was crushed almost beyond repair.
Despite an arduous recovery process, being a former professional
dancer and athlete she was determined to walk again and return to
work as a fitness trainer. After a lengthy hospital stay and 34
surgeries, doctors were able to fuse her leg together and repair her
severed femoral artery despite the initial recommendation to
However, Lago was diagnosed with a nerve disease
called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (formerly known as RSD)
and deals with chronic pain daily. This chronic pain has led her to
develop positive, healthy ways of coping with pain and all the emotions that come along with it, and pass it on to others in any
kind of pain.
This life altering experience inspires Lago to communicate how you
can turn tragedy into triumph. She demonstrates how you can hit

My favorite takeaways from this week’s episode:

  • Any comparison can be the thief of your joy
  • Big granny my guardian angel
  • Life can be changed in the blink of an eye always be grateful
  • At the age of 8 she knew what she was put on this earth to do
  • It’s Hammer Time
  • Do the work

Recommended Book:

True Grit And Grace


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