A Deep Dive Into LinkedIn with David J.P. Fisher, AKA D. Fish

David J.P. Fisher, AKA D. Fish, is a sales and entrepreneurial professional, author, speaker, and coach, and has owned his own consulting firm, Rock Star Consulting, for over 14 years. David got his start by selling Cutco Knives, which helped him pay his way through college, and worked his way up to running the Chicago office and training over 1,500 salespeople.

In our conversation, we focus on LinkedIn as a way to network and how to get the most out of it. Using LinkedIn is an important way to make a positive impression on people in your profession. As David says, even if you don’t like social media, other people do. In our discussion, he shares his tips on how to make an impact, the biggest mistake people make on LinkedIn, and we even talk about our shared love of old school hip hop.

Topics in this episode:

●     4:34 – Technology’s role in changing the way we interact with each other

●     6:03 – You can’t control what someone thinks about you, but you can influence it

●     7:20 – Proper etiquette to reach out to someone

●     12:57 – Find a way to be on LinkedIn consistently and regularly

●     18:08 – Using photos with people as a way to drive engagement on LinkedIn

●     21:29LinkedIn Premium, yes or no?

●     29:16 – Top 3 tips for using LinkedIn

Ask yourself: What am I trying to accomplish?

Look at your profile and ask yourself: Would I want to do business with me?

Be present consistently

32:02 – David asks me: What is your favorite bar in Milwaukee?

Connect with Dave:

●     Website: https://davidjpfisher.com/about/

●     Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iamdfish

5:52 “I’m going to go and see a profile, and based on that profile, I’m going to decide one of two things: I’m going to decide to do business with you, or at least to move the relationship forward, or I’m going to go find someone else.”

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