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Behind the Scenes of Local First Podcast

Take tour of the Studio of Local First Podcast and the tools used to produce the show.

About the author, Robert Kochanski

It’s founder, Rob Kochanski, and host of the Local First Podcast, as a Local business owner himself (Home Solutions Realty LLC), had an interest in meeting other smart Local business owners and fascinating entrepreneurs. When I started to reach out to these people and started talking to them, I realized others needed to hear their stories too. These were Local experts in their respective fields, smart and intelligent, not to mention, many had discovered unique ways to impact the lives of their customers, clients, and patients. So I asked myself, “Why not share these stories? Why not interview these people? Create a Podcast? Why not create a site where they could be posted and listened to?” With that, the concept for Local First Podcast was born...

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