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Local First Podcast connecting your community to your local business.

Because behind every local business is a great story that needs to be shared.

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Are you asking yourself the right questions

Are You Asking Yourself The Right Questions In The Right Order?

I’m excited to introduce you to one of my great friends and mentor, Tony Jalan, and share our recent conversation about his three questions. In this episode, Tony shares what the three questions are, life lessons he’s learned from them, and why the order of them is so important. For the last…

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Are You a Monster or a Rock Star?

Sit back and enjoy this episode. I learned some much about energy drinks and what works for me. I cut out the sugar and no longer have the afternoon crash. Meet Danielle Danielle Robertson Rath a biochemist and author of “Are You a Monster or a Rock Star: A Guide…

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Why You Should Listen To Local First Podcast

Welcome to Local First Podcast Connecting your community to your local businesses. Because every local business is a great story that needs to be shared. Hi, I’m your host Rob Kochanski, owner of Local First Podcast and Local First Podcast Productions. Every Thursday, I Spotlight a local business where they…

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Milwaukee couple making a difference in the lives of children in the Milwaukee area

Summary: #DWYD Toy & Book Drive: Milwaukee couple making a difference in the lives of children in the Milwaukee area. A husband and wife team that in their spare time (outside of full-time careers) create positive change. This is the season of giving, and I am excited to bring you…

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Milwaukee’s Local Business Cheerleader Elmer Moore Shares The Secret Of Economic Growth

Summary: Elmer Moore never saw himself and his family staying in Milwaukee for long. But now that they’re here, they just might be here to stay. He shares some of his first impressions and how different parts of his background perfectly prepared him for life the life that he and…

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Hear How Leticia @ 29 Runs 2 Successful Local Restaurants

Summary Leticia Munoz first started working in restaurants at the age of 15. One of the jobs she had was at Michael’s Family Restaurant, which opened in 1985. And when there came a time for Michael’s to close for good, she decided to buy the restaurant. She now owns Michael’s…

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Pt 2 Artery Ink It Was Meant To Be

Summary Spreading body positivity and education through art is the mission of Mara and Gloria of Artery Inks. In this conversation with them, we catch up on how things have changed for them personally and for Artery Inks since our last conversation in Episode 21. They also share the impact…

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Customer Loyalty Architect

I truly enjoyed being on the show. Rob has a way of putting his guests at ease. Our conversation flowed naturally. I could talk with Rob for hours.

by FollowUpCoach from United States


Rob's podcast is wonderful! He is a fantastic host that puts guests at ease, has fun, asks great questions and gets some great information out into the world. He is tirelessly promoting local businesses and creating a community around him that serves to support all in his circle and beyond.

by forloveofyou from United States

eclectic sampling

Love hearing the different, local perspectives from people at very different stages of business offering very different services. Keep it up!

by Elevated262 from United States

Great Learning Podcast

Rob has a knack to ask insightful questions and pust his speakers at ease.

by TL@Tosa from United States

Love all the guests

It’s so awesome to have a podcast like Local First Podcast sharing the stories of those who live in Milwaukee. Super inspiring and Rob is such an amazing host! Always look forward to new Episodes!

by Martin Moore MKE from United States

Have you ever thought “I’d like to do a podcast….”, and then set that thought aside because you’re thinking  “I wouldn’t know where to start”. I have the answer to that PLACE TO START. Reach out to Rob Kochanski at Local First Podcast. In addition to making it incredibly easy, Rob makes it FUN, and he makes you completely relaxed. It is just having a conversation with him on whatever the topic may be….the guy is a genius when it comes to asking the right questions to pull the information out of you.  I was lucky enough to do a podcast with Rob and we were laughing and smiling the entire time--- and, a snippet of that podcast resides on the home page of our website, talking about who we are and the culture of our organization.  We have also used that clip on Facebook and on LinkedIn to grow awareness of our organization.  So, again, I say --- if you are thinking “how do I go about doing a podcast”, you NEED to reach out to Rob!

Carol White, IOM – President/CEO of Brookfield Chamber of Commerce

"This podcast is a fantastic resource to learn more about local businesses and I highly, highly recommend it!

Maria Ferrusquia
Milwaukee, WI

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Local First Podcast Receives Award

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Behind the Scenes of Local First Podcast

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Take tour of the Studio of Local First Podcast and the tools used to produce the show.

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About me and my podcast

Anytime I travel I find myself going into the neighborhoods searching for local places to eat, to shop. It's the only way to go. I'm not one that goes to big chain stores or dining.

If this sounds like you, you are going to enjoy Local First